Notes on SQL Rewriting

Read documents of Apache shardingsphere several years ago, and used to think it is the best database sharding library in client side. After trying to use it in a real-world application, problems reveal. First, the ecosystem has grown so large. Even a demo spring boot application can reference lots of dependencies. Second, when loading large data set from multiple shards, multi-threading is not used. I still have to manually implement it myself to improve load time.

Actually, what I need is the ability for selecting a database shard implicitly. When I write select t_user from..., it is rewritten to select t_user[0-7] from.... Here’s some alternative options I found:

1. hibernate interceptor

Refer to javadoc of StatementInspector class.

2. datasource proxy


3. spring boot 3


But spring boot 3 requires java 17 and it only applies to jpa repository.

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