Read documents of Apache shardingsphere several years ago, and used to think it is the best database sharding library in client side. After trying to use it in a real-world application, problems reveal. First, the ecosystem has grown so large. Even a demo spring boot application can reference lots of dependencies. Second, when loading large data set from multiple shards, multi-threading is not used. I still have to manually implement it myself to improve load time.

Actually, what I need is the ability for selecting a database shard implicitly. When I write select t_user from..., it is rewritten to select t_user[0-7] from.... Here’s some alternative options I found:

1. hibernate interceptor

Refer to javadoc of StatementInspector class.

2. datasource proxy


3. spring boot 3


But spring boot 3 requires java 17 and it only applies to jpa repository.