Bad performance after upgrading to Linux Mint 20 (Ubuntu 20.04 based). Solved by disabling transparent hugepage in kernel.

The grub approach survives a restart:

Find and replace GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX line to:

Update grub and reboot:

Updated Oct 4, 2021: if using Windows guest, also use OpenGL render to avoid high CPU usage. Edit *.vmx file and add:

Just upgraded to Linuxmint 17.1. Themes in the distribution were greatly improved. They’ve done a better job than Ubuntu, so I switched to the mint theme.

No broken visual glitch any more in eclipse. And it seems the new themes include fixes for the black background color for tooltips issue. See eclipse FAQ here.

You can compare with the previous screenshot: Configuring Ubuntu Themes in Linuxmint 17. The only fix I want to apply is to make the theme look brighter. First, go to /usr/share/themes/Mint-X-Aqua. For gtk3 applications, patch with:

For gtk2 applications, patch with: