Non-privileged ping Under Windows

Continue with last article, only paste code here:

IcmpSendEcho() is used to send ICMP messages which does not require administrator privilege. I summarize all cases in which raw socket, icmp api or system ping approach may fail:

raw socket icmp api system ping
Windows XP Administrator OK OK OK
User WSAEACCES in sendto() OK OK
Guest WSAEACCES in sendto() OK OK
Windows 7 Administrator WSAEACCES in socket() OK OK
User WSAEACCES in socket() OK OK
Guest WSAEACCES in socket() ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED in IcmpCreateFile() Unable to contact IP driver. General failure.
Run as Administrator OK OK OK

You may ask what’s the difference between “Administrator” and “Run as Administrator”, the answer comes from stackoverflow:

– When an user from the administrator group logs on, the user is allocated two tokens: a token with all privileges, and a token with reduced privileges. When that user creates a new process, the process is by default handed the reduced privilege token. So, although the user has administrator rights, she does not exercise them by default. This is a “Good Thing”.

– To exercise those rights the user must start the process with elevated rights. For example, by using the “Run as administrator” verb. When she does this, the full token is handed to the new process and the full range of rights can be exercised.

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