Debug Qt Libraries with Ubuntu Debug Packages

In previous articles, I was not able to use Qt’s debug package provided by Ubuntu. Now, I will explain how to use them.

Our simple application:

Our *.pro file, you should enable the debug build:

1. Build your debug version of application:

2. Install Qt’s debug package:

3. Install the Qt source:

Now you can start debugging your application. Since Qt’s debug symbols are installed in /usr/lib, It does not follow the GDB’s global debug directory described here. We should tell GDB to load these symbols manually:

We set a breakpoint at the beginning of main function to load all shared libraries. Next, we will load symbols for The symbol will be loaded in the start address of it (0xb7652510):

Now, you are able to step into the Qt library, but no source is attached:

Source files are attached by:

See the source and backtrace? 🙂

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