OO Impelementation in Java

Continue with last article, we will try to write an identical application to use OO features including: encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, properties, meta info and event-driven mechanism. Java supports the 3 basic features in language level. It uses interfaces to implements event-driven. To implements properties and meta info, we have to write our own code. We want to implements API like someObject.setProperty(prop-name, prop-value). I write my own NewObject class:

To use our setProperty()/getProperty() method, all classes should derive from the NewObject class. To be consistent with the JavaBean convention, we assume that the getter/setter function to be “get”/”set” + capitalize_first_letter_of(member-variable-name).

Property annotation and PropertyAccess enum are defined to indicate properties:

ClassInfo and ClassInfoList annotation are defined to indicate class meta info:

Let’s see how to use them, our Base is defined as:

Since our implementation of properties are simply methods, they can be inherited by subclasses. But the class meta info cannot be retrieved in subclasses. They just get their own.

I do not want to demo events/listeners code here, just find them in source code in my skydrive: http://cid-481cbe104492a3af.office.live.com/browse.aspx/share/dev/TestOO. In the TestJavaObject-{date}.zip file.

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