Patching QTerm

Long time no post here. Recently, I reported 3 bugs to QTerm project and patches were provided. This is my first time to contribute an open-source project.

Then I was able to build my private patched debian package of QTerm with the guide here. I just use the official debian package meta info found in this mirror site. Some notes to take:
1. The path should be like: /home/<your_name>/packages/<your_project>/
2. Before running “dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot”, check the debian/control file to see what packages is required to build.
3. The revision of package seems to be controlled by debian/changelog.

My private build file can be found in my skydrive:
– For Hardy(8.04): QTerm 0.5.7
– For Lucid(10.04): QTerm 0.5.11

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