Fix Window Button Order in Lucid

I read this article when Lucid was just released. It works good, but there’s no window icon in the title bar(See my previous screen-shots).

Then I tried to modify the theme files. Take “Radiance” theme as example:

Change the last line into:

This will set your window button order. And every time you switch to “Radiance” theme, no confirm dialog will prompt to tell that the button order will be changed. Then:

Search “menu_focused_normal”, there are four lines regarding graphics drawing of menu: “menu_focused_normal”, “menu_focused_prelight”, “menu_unfocused_prelight”, “menu_unfocused_prelight”. Add first line into “menu_focused_*” and remove the image tag, and use second line to replace the image tag in “menu_unfocused_*” too.

OK, you’re done.


Update Feb 17, 2012: You can simply run:

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