Running Old Linux Kernel 0.11

Old kernels have less code. So They are easier to learn and understand. I follow the instructions here: You can also download the eBook in the website(In Chinese).

I managed to run the kernel in Hardy(8.04) and Lucid(10.04) using Bochs simulator. In Ubuntu, you may install it by typing:

To compile the source, you may also want to install the assembler:

I downloaded the source here: But it works only in RedHat 9(RHEL3, CentOS3) with gcc-3.2 and bochs-2.2. Then I patched the source code with the help of google. Finally, it compiled under gcc-4.1/gcc-4.2 and ran happily. Due to optimization issues, gcc-4.3 and above build the wrong kernel. I do not know how to solve this. I also downloaded the Bochs harddisk image here:

You may encounter syntax error using the including bochs configure file. Refer to a sample one found in /usr/share/doc/bochs/examples/bochsrc.gz. Basically, you should specify the image path of your floppy(kernel image) and harddisk like:

Then make sure the boot option is:

Now let’s see the screenshot when running the classic kernel:


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