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Configuring Ubuntu Themes in Linuxmint 17

Finally switched from Ubuntu to Linuxmint after the 14.04 release. The distribution installed so many packages that I would never use, and the Unity desktop rendered slow on my old thinkpad 🙁

After trying Linuxmint 17 in VirtualBox, I found the color of its default theme is not so good. The mixture of grey and light green, sometimes made it a bit hard to detect borders. It also made me feel comfortless when using eclipse:


So I managed to reuse the default theme of Ubuntu within the cinnamon desktop from Linuxmint:


Here’s what I did:

# sudo apt-get install light-themes

This installs the Ubuntu themes. Now edit the theme to add support for Nemo:

# cd /usr/share/themes/Ambiance/gtk-3.0/
# sudo vi gtk-main.css

Add one line to the end of the file:

@import url("apps/nemo.css");

Create the new nemo.css file:

# sudo cp apps/nautilus.css apps/nemo.css
# sudo vi apps/nemo.css

Replace all “nautilus” with “nemo”, “Nautilus” with “Nemo”:


Updated Aug 14: Alternative color in Nemo is not available. It seems to be a bug(LP#945430) in the ubuntu theme.

Now open your “Themes” configuration, go to “Other settings” tab. Set “Controls” to “Ambiance”, set “Icons” to “ubuntu-mono-dark”, set “Window borders” to “Ambiance”.

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